We create superb 'buildings for people and plants'. From houses and garden rooms to bespoke, display glasshouses and conservatories, GWA will respond to your design challenge. We are an architect-led design company with a philosophy of creating energy-efficient designs that have a close affinity with nature

Architect Gordon Wilson has many years of hands-on experience delivering internationally-recognised designs for a range of controlled environments, including laboratories (see CV). He was architect for the multi-award winning Princess of Wales Conservatory for the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, completed in 1987. GWA has designed an Education Centre as an extension to the conservatory, currently awaiting funding.

The design of the Princess of Wales Conservatory, Kew’s largest and most popular conservatory, was well-researched to achieve a high value at low cost - with impressive plant displays in 10 separate climatic zones under a dynamic glass roof on a sensitive site (More)

Over the last 25 years, GWA has developed a world-expertise in conservatory design. Working with a team of structural and services engineers, we have twice won international design competitions, including the Rain-Forest House at the Herrenhausen Gardens, Hanover, completed in 2000. Subsequently, GWA developed a Rainforest-Life design concept with a world-wide application - initially for a tourist-related project in N.Wales

The Rain-Forest House, Hanover is a dramatic, low-energy design with outstanding ‘flora and fauna’ displays, having a strong educational element, under a ‘leading-edge’ roof that incorporates EFTE foil ‘air-cushions’. The natural top-lighting is ideal for re-creating the the Rain-Forest displays - from tree canopy down to ground level (More)

In addition to designing houses (More), GWA has created a new concept in domestic conservatory design, called a Patio Room – an energy-efficient, low-cost house extension suitable both for houses with low eaves and for Clients who enjoy living with plants. This fits with GWA's aim of designing houses to suit external 'garden rooms' or which link closely with their gardens. The Patio Room's stunning looks impress in small-scale spaces (More)

GWA business aim is - 'to assist Clients develop their properties cost-effectively and help create maximum added-value irrespective of project size.' Clients wishing preliminary, informal advice on the best way forward for their project should contact Gordon Wilson at:-

M +44 (0)7817 870578

T +44 (0)1883 742430

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